Saint Helena Development Agency

Lead Architect

James Dinwiddie

Construction Cost



Design completed July 2008

Site Area / Building Area

5 hectares / 8,500sqm

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Devil’s Punch Bowl, Island of St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean

UK Overseas Territory of St Helena is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1700miles north-west of Cape Town and 1200miles west of Walvis Bay, Namibia.  Its nearest neighbour is the island of Ascension, 700miles to the north-west.

Access to the island currently is mainly provided by the mail-ship, RMS St Helena. The UK Government is considering plans to build an airport that would create significant opportunities, particularly for tourism and hospitality.

Our designs are for a three- or four-star 50 bed hotel and self-catering accommodation, carefully integrated with the surrounding terrain, and using natural and local, sustainable materials. The principle aim is to have as little impact as possible on the site and the island’s resources.