Abet (UK) Ltd

Lead Architect

James Dinwiddie

Construction Cost

£1.5 million


Completed March 1997

Site Area / Building Area

5,500sqm / 3,352sqm

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Abet (UK) Ltd, Beckton, London E6

Abet (UK) Ltd is Europe’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure laminates.  This project involved the design and construction of a new 2,900sqm distribution centre and 452sqm Head Office at London Industrial Park.  The building makes full use of the client’s own products: laminate is used as cladding to the external walls, and internally on floors, walls and fixtures, thus demonstrating the versatility of this material.

Built on the site of the old Beckton Gas Works, the project involved the reclamation of contaminated land.  The entire site was capped with a gas venting layer and the underlying contaminated material is to be continually monitored during the life of the building.